What Do You Need For An iPhone 7 Plus?


With the latest release of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, it means it is an exciting new toy to play with. You want to make this worthwhile by adding accessories that make it even better.

Get The Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases and Covers

The new design of the iPhone 7 plus makes it looks a lot better, but it means it is easier for it to fall out of your hands. It can eventually lead to smashes, scratches and dents – something you don’t want when you have just purchased one of the newest phones on the market.

A case can prevent the slipperiness and damages all in one. A small investment at £19.95, it is worthy. Adding a hint of personalisation to your phone makes it unique to any other phone on the market – nothing can beat it and you will get the best choice of phone cover.

Their features include:

  • 100% polycarbonate
  • built and designed to fit your device
  • accessibility to camera, charging socket and volume controls is easy
  • durable and lightweight
  • Long lasting vivid images
  • 3D printed so sides of the case are decorated

Replacing The Headphone Port

With Apple’s controversial removal of the headphone port it means Bluetooth/wireless headphones are a MUST when purchasing this phone – otherwise how are you going to listen to music? Or you have the choice of buying an adaptor.

You can get the Skullcandy headphones for just £35, a cheap price for music on an amazing phone. There really is nothing like it.