How to Fix Your Smartphone With These 10 Simple Steps

What can go wrong with your smartphone?

Android software problems? Have a look here for 15 common Android problems.

Sometimes it’s obvious what’s wrong – if you dropped your phone and the screen cracked then you know what needs fixing.

How to prevent paying a fortune for a broken phone

Most of the population have some sort of smartphone, mainly an iPhone or Android. These phones aren’t cheap and the latest version of each costs around the £800 mark. However, despite the price of our phones, they aren’t made to be indestructible and damage can easily be done.

You can opt for monthly payments of around £4.99 to an insurance provider, or you can pay for a repair service, however phone insurance can cover more things than just damage including theft and loss.

Buy your iPhone insurance online from as little as £4.25 for the Apple iPhone 6. Have an iPhone 7 Plus? That’s not an issue as insurance starts from £8.50. View iPhone insurance.

iphoneHere are our top tips on dealing with a cracked screen:

  1. If your phone still works then don’t worry about it! You can wait until your next upgrade and save the cost of repair.
  2. Trade in or sell your phone
  3. Replace the screen – you can buy a new screen and have a go yourself or get a professional to do it for you! It’s quick and easy and costs far less than replacing your phone.
  4. Buy a new phone – have a look at some smartphones here.

1024px-tools-spanner-hammer-svgIt’s not always that simple, perhaps your phone got a bit wet and it’s not working properly or it keeps freezing.

Your best option is to take it for a diagnostic service. These are particularly useful if you have a recent model Samsung Galaxy S6, Nokia Lumia 900 or iPhone 7. We recommend you try this site – Square Repair can diagnose and fix your phone while you wait or within 24 hours by mail.

Most smartphones are simple to repair with the most common problems being cracked screen, battery replacement and charging issues.

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